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Best day to fill up gas tank to save money

When is the Best Time of Day to Buy Gas?

The best time of day to fill up your tank is before dawn or late at night, when the sun and traffic volume are both down. Stations usually will raise prices during the day, especially for rush hour.

What is the Best Day to Buy Gas?

In some cities — like Detroit, Minneapolis, and Toledo — “Wednesdays are the best day of the week for cheap gas prices,” says Jason Toews, co-founder of

Did you know that…

“Stations tend to raise prices on the weekends and especially during the summer.”

Don’t wait til you’re on empty to fill up.

Also, don’t wait until your gas gauge drops down to “E.” Toews says it’s not good for your car’s fuel injection system. Better to fill ‘er up when the gauge indicates a quarter-full tank. Start thinking about a refill at that point leaves you some time to shop around for the best gas price.

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